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Worship With Us

Sunday Morning Worship

  8:00 a.m. Rite I

10:00 a.m. Rite II,
followed by coffee hour


7:00 p.m. Healing Eucharist
followed by Faith Study



The Wardens act as the executive officers of St. John’s. Traditionally the Senior Warden is called "the Rector’s Warden" and serves as the liaison between the Rector and the parish. This includes providing a flow of information and ideas between the leadership of the parish and the membership in general. The Junior Warden is "the people’s Warden." He or she assists the Rector and Senior Warden in providing leadership to the Vestry. As the senior lay officials of the parish, the Wardens are expected to step in when the Rector is absent and act as presiding officers of the Vestry.



Our ministry of ushers is a ministry of hospitality and welcome. Ushers are the friendly faces for members of a parish's family. To the stranger, they are the first people to make a newcomer feel at home. Without the welcoming presence of an usher, a visitor can easily feel awkward and out of place.

An usher’s ministry is to greet people coming to worship, introducing themselves in the process as needed. They do well to learn the names of every member of the worshipping community. As an usher hands a worshipper a bulletin, their friendly welcome is meant for any and all...strangers, friends and children. An usher accompanies visitors to a pew, and should introduce newcomers to members who will be sitting near the new visitors during worship. Ushers can further a new visitor's welcome by introducing the visitor to a member of the "Greeters" who can accompany a visitor to coffee hour, the church school or to meet the clergy.



Originally the word referred to the room where the Rector put on his vestments. Parish leaders often met with him there to discuss the day-to-day affairs of the parish. Later, the word came to refer to the leaders themselves, instead of the room. The Vestry members are the elected leaders of St. John's.

As the governing body of the parish, the Vestry handles the parish's business and serves as a council of advice for the Rector. Members of the Vestry volunteer their time to represent the parish as a whole and are elected by the parish at the annual meeting. One of the primary responsibilities of the Vestry is to oversee the parish's financial health. In partnership with the Rector and Wardens, it develops and approves the annual parish budget.