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From The Rector

May, 2015

When I prepared the March and April Epistle in February while sitting at my desk in the office, all I could see was snow. There was a wall of white outside the window. I could not see the Rectory or any shrubs or bushes. Today as I sit in the same place, I can see green grass, budding trees, daffodils, and forsythia. New life is emerging from weeks and weeks of darkness, snow, ice, and bitter cold and it is truly miraculous to behold. And I guess it seems even more amazing after the particular winter we survived. Coldest, snowiest, etc., etc.

So most of us are pretty happy these days as we look out the window and get back to our gardens and yards and walks outside. Spring is here. God's Creation shows us exactly what resurrection looks like. But are we surprised? Does evidence of resurrection surprise us or challenge us? I mean, we all know that we live in a Good Friday world. There is evidence for that fact everywhere we look. But do we also recognize the daily proof that we are God's Easter people?

Precisely because we are made in the image of God, because we are God's own creatures and beings, the seeking of and the capacity for resurrection are part of our DNA. Daily I read, hear and watch deeply personal and moving stories from across our country and the global community that tell of people's courage and persistence in the face of viciousness and violence. These stories reveal our willingness to love and trust, and to act when the world seems to be bound up by hate and suspicion, partisanship and corruption. These stories manifest bravery and passion in standing up for the dignity of each person and they speak to our choice to live in the light of God's grace when the world seems shrouded in the darkness of human sin. God's own Creation and creatures are proof of the love of God and the peace, purpose and power of our resurrection Jesus, if we have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that is open.

The Easter stories reveal a Risen Lord who is always with God's people, whether they recognize his presence or not. Jesus knows us by name and calls us to walk in his path, with a deep faith that we are never alone and that whatever pain, cruelty, injustice, sorrow or death the world inflicts, God's forgiveness, life, grace and love are bigger and stronger, utterly true, and absolutely eternal. We are called to trust the promises of our Resurrection Jesus and to be guided by the certainly that God's power and love working in us can do infinitely more than we can ever ask or imagine.

To hear with my heart,
To see with my soul,
To be guided by a hand I cannot hold,
To trust in a way I cannot see,
That's what faith must be. (M. Card)